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Subscription plans

Aida test suite can be used with two convenient payment plans, depending on your business needs you can choose between a pay-as-you-go rate based only on live test run time or a fixed all-inclusive monthly fee. Whatever rate is chosen the first 30 days of use are free.

ONDemand subscription

The ondemand aida plan provides for the use of all the functions of aida without any kind of restriction on traffic, user licenses or any other aspect related to the functionality of the product. The pay is provided only for the actual time of use of the aida’s test engine, and specifically € 0.49 per hour of running/active tests.

FLAT Rate subscription

The FLAT option of the aida payment plan provides for the unlimited use of all the functions of aida including those related to the execution of tests without requiring any payment on consumption. The FLAT plan has a cost of € 149 / month which includes unlimited use of the suite and its test engine.