Aida support is carried out by a dedicated team inside cathedral (, selected and highly specialized in the use of the product and in the field of QA and testing in general. The three main channels to open and manage a report or request information regarding the aida suite are:

  • By pone
  • By Email
  • Using the personal realtime aida assistant

Contacting aida’s team by phone

You can contact every day, 24 hours aida team using the phone number 0039-030-7778742 and leaving your message on the answering machine, including contact details about where possible to re-contact you.

As soon as one of our operators takes charge of your request, he will contact you back.


The Aida’s help desk office is located in Italy, the national or international call to this country could have a high cost if not supported by your telephone operator.

Email support

It is also possible to contact aida technical assistance through the email address Your report will be handled by our dedicated staff who will contact you as soon as possible.

Using the personal realtime aida assistant

Aida’s personal virtual assistance is the most complete and immediate assistance / consultancy tool. Within each aida environment there is a link located at the bottom right

Aida virtual assistant

through which you can interact in real-time h24 with a dedicated consultant specialized in the aida’s use and management for:

  • Request information regarding the use of aida
  • Request check and management in the process of creating / managing templates
  • Report any malfunctions
  • Request commercial assistance

Through the use of the virtual assistant, the dedicated staff of aida will be able to assist you by interacting directly with your aida environment in real time; this tool is included in all commercial plans.