Something About Aida

Aida ATM (Automation Test Suite) allows you to create, manage, plan and perform independently any type of test on any type of software / firmware.. A vital feature for every business in every industrial sector.

Aida offers a native integration with roboframework and selenium, it uses a fast and intuitive graphic interface for the creation of its test templates and allows the importation of any existing .robot files inside the suite. In addition, the “Standalone” version allows you to write and import custom test libraries into Aida and integrate them automatically with the entire process.

The main advantages of using Aida are:

  • Management of the Testset as template; possibility of multiple launches contemporary with different variables
  • Quick and intuitive template writing
  • Integration with every type of python library
  • Reporting and analysis in real time
  • Integration with AI algorithms for anticipated prediction of the tests results